Shadow and Light

I started out doing laundry then noticed how lovely the light was when I bumped the open door in the garage. Then out comes the camera and then a search for more shadows. Before I know it I'm out at Redding's Monolith surrounded by running kindergarteners. It was like a circus out there today. Class field trips, people lining up to buy glasses for the solar eclipse, and an awful lot of random Clydesdale horses that I think were going to the rodeo?  Think I'll head back into the madness for solar glasses this afternoon.  I just need a few hours to recover!

Shadowy self portrait woman in doorway photographyPhotography Gif Woman in moving light, self portrait
Redding Monolith California Turtle Bay Exploration Park PhotographyMonolith Turtle Bay Redding, CA DestinationInside Monolith with Kids Redding, CA
Monolith Photo at Redding, CA Tourist Destination Photo

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