Photographing and Eating Roses

The roses in my yard smell so good! I hate to see them just fall off and go to waste so I scoured the internet for answers. I came up with a recipe to make distilled rosewater. Which in turn I added to Rose Petal Scones. They were so enjoyable to prepare that I decided to take pictures.  Actually I made them yesterday also, but my husband had my camera so I've made them again.  I needed to photograph food that badly.  Something about real ingredients and natures color!

Josh says when he met me he would have never taken me for the cook type.  Umm...  Because I wasn't.  "Don't you remember eating hashbrowns for dinner three times a week?"  Oh my goodness, our first place was a studio apartment without an oven or stove top.  Or a closet.  Good times!  Love was enough.

Scone recipe notes:  I used cardamon in place of cinnamon, left off the icing, replaced pistachios with chopped pumpkin seeds (oat bran the 2nd time), replaced the cream with half cup each of milk and plain yogurt,  then brushed the scone tops with milk along with a sprinkling of turbinado sugar before baking.

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