Family Adventure in the Sky

Adventure is a state of mind - and spirit. - Jacqueline Cochran

If there is something you must know about me as a photographer and a person it's this:  I'm one half big chicken and one half blood thirsty adventurer.  The big pansy chicken part of me (I call it caution) comes in handy due to the fact I married a wild man.

Anywho, life happens.  Bills pile up, responsibilities wear you down, motorcycles and mountain bikes get Craigslisted, monotony takes hold.   So my husband Josh, he's a pilot.  How can I calmly say this?  HE FLIES AIRPLANES.  IN THE AIR.  BY HIMSELF.  WITHOUT DYING.  Yea, he's been saving his pennies to take us on a little airplane ride.

So yesterday afternoon we go on our first family ride together about 30 air minutes out of Redding over to Trinity Lake, CA.  A little airstrip right on the lake surrounded by snow capped mountains.  We arrive as the only plane in the airport that afternoon.  It was vast, empty and wonderful!  Within five minutes a fellow arrives in his car out of no where and asks if we want to hop in and have a tour of the small town nearby.  Um, yes!  When we left that evening we rocked our wings to him while he stood on his porch overlooking the airstrip.

I forgot my tripod, the sky was hazy with smoke, I have no image stabilization, but I took pictures.  And I'm so happy to have these images of a beautiful family outing.

Oh, and the pictures of us under the wing?  We are eating dinner.  Dinner under the wing is crazy romantic in my opinion.  Next up on my bucket list is camping out under the wing.  I hear it's been done at this same airport...

I never know who's reading this blog.  Just a little shout out for anyone looking for a private pilot.  My husband is not too attached to his current flying job.  Ahem.

Sunset and Mt Shasta aerial photography
Sunset and Mt Shasta
Kids in Cessna
Who sleeps during landing?
aerial photography northern, caCouple and Cessna PhotoTrinity Center Airport Adventure Photo with Cessna
Expansive blue sky!
Trinity Center Airport Northern California Pilot DestinationBlue Eyes Kid PortraitEating Under Airplane Wing, Pilot Lifestyle, Northern CAEating Under Cessna Airplane at Trinity Center Airport, CaliforniaFamily Flight in Cessna Airplane
Quiet in the back seat kiddies!
Trinity Center Airport Landing Strip on Lake in California
Smooth landing thanks to a fabulous pilot!
Love and Airplane Couple Portrait
Fly me to the moon baby!
Boy and Cessna Portrait, Airplane in Northern CaliforniaFamily in Airplane, Pilot Lifestyle


  1. These are fantastic! Looks like you all had a great time.

    1. Thanks Paul! It was so much fun! I would love to merge our love of flying, exploring, and photography someday. That's one of our dreams. The "If we could do anything in the world, what would it be?"