Animated Gif Self Portrait

Animated Gif Self Portrait, Woman and Butterfly Photo
I held a live one of these black beauties yesterday. It just lay on my hand and then lazily fluttered away in a surreal magical blur.  OK, the blur was because I just went running for the first time in forever.  I think the butterfly knew I was too weak to hurt it, ha ha.   This one I found dead this morning while mowing the lawn. I hope it stays in one piece so I can take more pictures. For this photo I lay under my tripod mounted camera and turned on a fan to make the wings flap.  Had a little trouble getting the wings to flap without blowing away completely.

For more one how I take self portraits check out my tutorial on I Heart Faces today.  It covers basic equipment and procedures.


  1. Hi, was wondering how'd you do the animation? thanks

    1. Hi Cel,

      I'm considering writing up a tutorial soon because it's really quite easy, yet explaining is always harder than doing. Stay tuned until I have some time to pull it together.