What’s on my Radar


Food: Dave's Killer Bread. I think I'm the last to be in the know. My Portland friend clued me in. Makes some killer grilled cheese sandwiches. My kids ate the crust! Nuff said.

Health:  Ginger Detox Bath.  My husband crawled in bed last night and was shocked to find a warm toasty happy person greeting him instead of an ice cold body that clings to him for warmth love.   I added just a couple tablespoons ground ginger to a super hot bath, set the timer for 30 minutes and had a large glass of cold green tea by my side.  My New Roots blog has a fancier version here.

News feed: The Nuba Mountians in Sudan. The New York Times posted an informative video here

Currently Reading:  Helen Keller, The Story of my Life  Just an amazing woman.  Go to your library and check it out.

Food for thought: A list of Seven Social Sins by Mohandas Gandhi.  Good advice my friend.

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