Green- Brandy Creek – Whiskeytown, CA

I'm learning something. There is never a great time to take pictures. You just have to do it.  We piled everyone in the car with the rain coming down and the temperatures hovering in the mid thirties.

Miraculously the rain let up for a few minutes and we built a fire for the kids. I found a nearby group of trees and Josh set himself up within seconds.  We work fast now.   As soon as I took a shot one of the kids runs over in tears. Seems we "accidentally" used some of their old drawings as fire starter. I quickly soothe the guy while my husband stays helplessly draped over a soaking wet rock and the next kid comes running. Seems we are the worst parents on the face of the planet and burned artwork from both of them in our afternoon fire.

They were compensated with brownies and legos later. Don't feel too badly for them.  Feel badly for the guy on the rock. 

A few things of note. This forest is almost impossible to shoot in the sunlight or without a polarizing filter. Shade + Forest + Polarizer.  Don't forget it.

Also, I've wanted to lay someone down in the moss ever since I read National Geographic's Spirit Bear article. Or become a white fluffy bear.  The latter most likely won't happen.

Nude Male Fine Art Conceptual Brandy Creek TrailBrandy Creek Whiskeytown, CA Moss Green Photo

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