Lake Day with Chameleons and Camels

Today was bound to be beautiful. I woke up to the full moon setting over the snow capped mountains. Winking at me through the palm trees as I drove my older son to school.

As luck would have it I had enough leftovers in the fridge and not enough things on my list to keep me in the house today. So just Vincent and I headed to the lake shore on a little date.

It was sooo much fun. I didn't realize what an imagination he has. There are all sorts of strange looking stumps along the shoreline with the winter lake levels laying them bare. Vincent joyfully ran ahead and gave me the low down on every piece of wood he saw.

Mom, that one looks like a camel. And it has a mouth over here. Mom, look inside do you know what that is? It's pooping! And an octopus over here. And a Chameleon, come look! MOM! I found the Chameleon's cave!!!!!


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