Don't Get Me Started on Easter Dresses or Pastels


If there is one season I'm incompatible with it's Spring
Oh yes, it's starting to show it's ugly face around here
I can't explain it, but it's the same every year

The breeze packs a wicked chill in Spring
Flowers are just God's condolences
Masked in the splatters of new green
Which is another problem
The green that is, sprouting between the faded browns
The way I feel when someone mixes up my color crayons
Warms with cools. There must be order I say
Spring is not order

What of the baby bunnies and chickadees?
Have you given birth yourself?
I have, twice. Next time I'll adopt.
Babies... I'm not a baby person
Babies everywhere is not my cup of tea
Spring is madness

It lacks the purity of other seasons
Neither death nor life
I can picture it in my head
80 years old and a cold empty room
Bright flowers on the dresser, tulips
Which don't really help the transition
Spring is deceptive

Spring cleaning, I understand that
Cleansing is more like it
I rail against Springness
Cleaning, purging, I cut my hair
Lockets littered across the bathroom floor
I nudged some around with my toes
Feeling fickle
Proof spring is here.

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