What I Learned in 2011 - The Start of a Project

Well it will go down as a year to remember. I learned so much!

Things I stopped doing:
traditional portraiture
doing things out of guilt
trying to fit in a box

Things I started doing:
reading more
pursuing challenge
trusting my gut
started a new photo project

So for a few years I had a general idea of a long term photo project I wanted but never actually planned on doing it (:  I wanted it to be male, I wanted it to be mostly nude, I wanted it to be in nature, and I wanted it to depict aspects of the human journey.  I wanted transparently, honesty, decency, vulnerability, and reality.  I really hoped it would be my husband.  He personal life journey has extra deep valleys and peaks for his age and I've known him since he was 14.  I knew I didn't want to walk the line of exploitation.  So I waited.  I waited until he offered himself without being asked.

Deep in a Cypress swamp in the black of night with clouds shuttling over the moon.  We had given up on seeing the eclipse and so I took my first nude fine art picture.  Glory hallelujah was my mother going to crucify me!  National Geographic published it online in their daily dozen section and I took it as a sign that my world may not cave in if I continue the project.

It's been almost a full year now.  The swamp shot was two weeks before the start of 2011.  The learning process for the nude figure is merciless.  But I've given it my all.  No more waiting around to afford a nice camera...  life goes on.  It's become a beautiful collaboration and he might add poetry to the pictures in the future.  It's challenged our marriage and our friendship and we've been the better for it.

I think this project will take a couple years to get right.  But 2011, it was a great year to start and I can't wait to continue!  I think I'll accomplish a much larger volume of work once our youngest starts school this fall.  Photographing without kids, oh wow!



  1. These photos are awesome! Very impressive!

  2. Its been inspiring to watch your journey! I've noticed a massive shift this past year in your work. Thanks for having the courage to walk your own path!