Welcome Winter - Snow at Whiskeytown Lake

It's official, it feels like you've finally arrived. Your flurry of kisses and pillowy perfect silence. Won't you stay awhile?

Free Man Fine Art PortraitWhiskeytown Winter Portrait CaliforniaWhiskeytown Lake Snow Landscape PhotoMan on Shoreline Panoramic Whiskeytown Lake, CA
Man Tree Silhouette Black and White Photography PanoramicWhiskeytown Lake Rock Stacks Winter CaliforniaWhiskeytown Lake Snow Reflection near Redding, CA


  1. Josh must have been very cold for these...

    I love the one of the reflection on the lake with the snow falling!

  2. Just added another reflection shot. I wanted Josh's reflection but the snow was still a bit wet on my camera and Vincent was with us, so skipped it. Not to mention I was panicked our car would get stuck on the way home if we let the snow pile up too much. He said we can go back again today only if I don't panic while he drives.