Long Overdue Artist Statement

I photographed what people expected me to photograph for several years.  Babies, sunsets and the like. I was particularly annoyed everyone liked the kissing frogs on a rose shot. About a year ago I decided to become comfortable in my own skin and take pictures only I can take. Last I checked there is only one Maryanne Gobble. OK, there are two. And she beat me to the domain name I wanted maryannegobble.com. True story. But only one of us takes pictures.

I took up the practice of free writing recently in which I write without over thinking. I’m always over thinking. Maybe a recent page will help you know the real me instead of an over thought Artist Statement.

A day in November 2011

“I would want that. To be delightfully undone. Spilled for humanity. Leaning against the airplane window fresh from the Bahamas I listened to it replay in my head. I would like to spill myself for humanity.

Birds with their boundless freedom. Bursting forth in a light golden rush.

The way the tree branches yield as you run by. Ends snapping, their perfume chasing you through the forest. Do you smell the evergreen when you wake?

Or are you drenched from being lost as sea. Depth and a million shades of night?”

Look, now we’re good friends. That page used to be a secret.

When I’m not hunkered down secretly writing nonsense I spend my time exploring. I can’t survive without ample amounts of solitude and nature. And I won’t specify the exact amounts of dark chocolate. Ahem. My husband and two lovely boys are constantly teaching me what it means to be alive, present, and grateful. I feel so much more human these days. That is a part of what my current project is about. The transparent beauty of the human journey and spirit. Until I come up with a real title we shall just call it just that: Human. You can read the project's one year update here.

As a Christian I think this is the section I'm suppose to put in a plug in for God so I can convert you all with my exquisite wording and gain acceptance of my images into the conservative circles (translation: make more money). In all seriousness, I cannot currently put into words the wonder and fullness He invokes in my spirit. The more I get to know God the more I realize how much I really don't know. But I can't wait to find out.


  1. I refer to it as my sun spot and can be found running to my room just to curl up in it when it appears. Many unproductive hours have been spent in that square!

  2. Oh Maryanne. If there was anyone in the world who revealed who they were in more honesty both in language and art than you, I'd spend my life trying to find them. You're the real deal, one and only Maryanne Gobble! And its fascinating to me how much I can learn about myself just by watching you be you. Thank you.

  3. Oh Brooke, this is all just leading up to my you tube series about honest artists. Season one will have clips of me picking my nose and yelling and my kids because they won't quiet down while I blog.