How to Make a Mist Smoke Effect in a Photo–With a Curtain

It's a start. My goal is to portray the concept of a "white redwood" as told in a Toloawa Creation Story.  You can read the story here and here.  The biggest obstacles being the sheer size of the trees and finding something white that is completely environmentally friendly. The rain was not helping, neither was my spotlight. I had my camera set up on tripod under a large umbrella and went to work.

My dear friend who pressed the shutter button for me also took a video of me leaping around with her iPhone and captured the crack of my head when I hit it inside the tree. Awesome.  I had quite a lump.

You'll get the picture though. Make a long exposure and run around with a white piece of cloth and it starts looking misty.  This concept is begging to be explored so much further!


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