He Melts Me

When I was drawing recently my son looked at me and exclaimed, “You can draw?!”  A couple days later I saw him sitting down and looking at a picture of a bird on the wall while he sketched the picture below.

He insisted on checking out the biography of Frank Lloyd Wright at the library last week and I’ve been watching him scan the pages while his eyebrows shoot up and down.  He knows darn well that Mr. Wright was on my book list first.

Sometimes if I write in my journal he wants to sit close and write in his.

He watches intently when I’m in the kitchen and sometimes tells me he will be a chef.  I believe him.

He’s always watching, always challenging, always inquiring with his sharp young mind.  I sometimes have to remind myself he is only eight.

I hope I never take him for granted.



  1. Looks like a very talented young artist. Continue to inspire him and watch him grow. As you can tell, most kids learn by example, and you and Josh are wonderful examples.

  2. I hope this holds his interest for awhile. He's told me several times lately that he's not interested in kids stuff anymore because it makes him bored (: