Everyday Life

I thought today would be a great day to visit the park.

It turns out a day like today can also be enjoyed snuggling in the blankets, watching leaves blow down the street from the creaky windows of our old home, practicing ninja moves and eating apple slices.

Besides going to the park requires pants.   Those have been scarce since buying him Star Wars underwear.



  1. Thanks! I was afraid it would be too dark but I think the holes in the blanket helped. He was too cute to play with. He actually requested pictures and then made demands at what I could and could not photography. I tried to work with him, LOL!

  2. The second to last image is, for some reason, one of my most favorite images that I've seen recently. I guess it speaks to me of my child-like tendencies: crawling around under blankets, looking out windows, having fun with my 4 & 7 year old brothers : )

    1. Thank you Hudson! It's one of those images I was not sure would mean the same to others as myself. I had 3 brothers!