The Healing Power of Nature–Turtle Bay Sustainability Gardens

My husband and I have some great traits we like to think we passed to our genius children. Passion, drive, creativity, uh... madness. So our oldest son has all our best traits X100. We are like a family of wild caged animals when we don't watch ourselves. Creative madness. Mostly just madness.

So Mr. Smartest in his class entertains himself like any other kid his age might. Setting a timer to see how fast he can complete math equations and the like. Apparently he didn't make the three minute mark he was going for.

I feel like I'm tattling here. But I want you to know the transformation to the photos below. So he melted. I thought my child was having a mental breakdown. A real one. Grabbing his head and shrieking, flapping his arms like a falling bird. I freaked out and felt totally paralyzed.

He is my carbon copy. What do I need to soothe me? Nature, clean air, pattern, light and color.

So I bundled my kids up amongst everyone's tears and drove to the most colorful trees I knew of nearby. With the wind blowing and the clouds rushing overhead I watched my son unwind. It was absolutely miraculous to observe him touch the leaves, hold still and feel the sunlight on his face.

He is magic, just magic. Pretty sure I gave birth the the most complexly intense ball of magic on the planet.

A raindrop had dried on my filter from the day before and kept putting this ball of light over his head in all the pictures. I posted one below. I like to think it's his blazing halo of super light. He's just that sort of kid.



  1. I wish I was that creative! I think I know what makes my kids tick but definitely need to take it to the next level! You are amazing!!

  2. Your kids are the best! Miss you guys!