Fall Break- Whiskeytown California

Fall Break is off to a grand start here in California! We drove just outside Redding to play near Whiskeytown Lake. The boys had fun building things with sticks and I found a bunch photo locations I'm coming back for. Isn't the green moss incredible!  Look about four photos down...  Those are fish.  Maybe Salmon?  And in the last photos you can see the snow just beginning to dust the hills.  Sigh...  My heart is full and happy (:

Mossy Rock Child PortraitFall Brandy Creek Whiskeytown Kids PlayingBrandy Creek Fall Leaves near Redding, CAFish in Brandy Creek Whiskeytown, CAMossy Trees Northern CABrandy Creek Trail Whiskeytown, CAYellow Leaves Grey PlantEast Beach Whiskeytown, CA WInter PortraitEast Beach Whiskeytown, CA WInter Portrait

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