Documenting the Bahamas

It's been a long time since I've done any sort of family/couple documentary work.

One incredible couple
Three adult kids and their spouses
Four grandchildren
FORTY YEARS of married life
Celebrated in the Bahamas

Love, love, love, love. These people know love! I'm actually related to them and have always known them as the Aunt and Uncle that love unconditionally. I had so much fun. It has been so long since I've been surrounded by such good company. Lots of brains and humor in this group. Miss them already!



  1. I feel like I'm looking through a magazine when I see your pictures! They are absolutely AMAZING! You are SO good at capturing special moments on camera!

  2. Maryann, these are gorgeous captures of the family, you have such a gift! I'm so happy you had this wonderful experience and adventure!!! You're description of Dave and Jane is so spot on....Andy and I feel the same way.....they are very dear to our hearts! Can't wait to see more pictures! Love you :)