Day Dreaming


Wishing, wanting, hoping, whatever you want to call it. I lay in the sun spot on our bed and thought a million happy thoughts. Remember when you daydreamed of being a pilot or when I wished out loud we could live in California someday? Funny how both just came about. As if we really had no other option.

Did you look closely at the map above our bed. You were very specific to buy the pillows in my favorite color. Maybe I was specific in what part of the atlas I tore out. The Isle of Man is right in the middle. I wandered the streets and beaches on satellite map and decided we have to go there, someday. I've been thinking of green mild pastures, castles, and rocky coastline for sometime. Glad I finally made up my mind a space of land to wish for more precisely.  I can't wait to hear what you think...


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