Chucks in the Snow Under a Volcano

Well I would not have worn my Converse if I knew there was snow on the trails. Nothing about volcanic park screams snow, but whatever.   Lassen Volcanic National Park is only an hour drive from my house so we're hoping to go back in the spring when the snow is just melting off the lakes.   I highly recommend the drive if you live in the area.  We hiked quite a bit with a toddler, but if you have sturdier companions you could really get around this park. 

So in order from top; 
Snow Shadows
Lassen Peak from Hat Creek
Lilly Pond Reflections
Ice on Cold Boiling Lake (it's official name on the map)
Dead Pines by Hat Creek
Hills and Clouds  over Cold Boiling Lake



  1. It's been a long time since I've been there, probably about 1996 or so. I still remember the smell of sulfur in the air....

  2. No way! We didn't make it to the sulfurous areas. I want to hit those up sometime along with the cinder cone and painted hills. Snow will bring road closures so may have to wait until next year.