But I Love my Comfort Zone!

These are the equivalent of sketchbook pages for some ideas I'm trying to work out. I slid out into my backyard and did a few shots with these twisted tree roots, then tucked the images safely away on my computer. Until my snoopy husband found them and turned them into a screensaver this morning. Very funny.

Lets just say my body is easier to take selfies of then my face. It's just unstructured and thin and the light won't do what I tell it to do.  Like grow me some more eyebrows on the tips, ha ha!

Ok, I"m over it.  Here is a post outside my comfort zone.  And a good video snippet I found on Brooke's site.



  1. It's funny that you say it's hard to take self portraits of your face, because the two of just your face are my favorites! :) I really like these!

  2. Thank you! Can't wait until the forest have more branches showing in winter. All the leaves just get in the way of my ideas.

  3. Maryanne, this is why I love you :) And I'm delighted to see your lovely face in some selfies! Hooray for your husband for unearthing them, and hooray for you for sharing. I so loved your thoughts on age and art as well...I know the older I get the more perspective and depth I have.