Lets Get Started

Welcome to my new blog! If you were subscribed to my old one you may want to update your subscription by clicking the subscribe link to the right.
I'm so exited about this crossover. One of the first things I'm working on is pulling aside some images and making them available as greeting cards through redbubble.  This is not really a money making venture.  I really just want to make images that are special to people available in an inexpensive and functional way.  Each greeting card is available in postcard, 4X6, and 5X7 size with the title printed on the backside.  I will be adding to this gallery and maintaining categories to make it easy to find what your looking for.
Can't wait to get out and shoot some new images soon.  I aborted my last attempt and spent time with my family instead then got stuck at home all week while we battle car troubles.  So a great time to get online and sort out all the nitty gritty computer things.
Oh, and about the name change...  Well it's my name and harder to spit out then New EYEdea...  But it's my name forever so I've come to terms with it .  Yup, the same sound a turkey makes.


  1. I'm so excited for you! And I love that you have one of my favorite images available as a greeting card! (the "watercolor" trees) :)

  2. Congratulations :) So excited for your future! Just bought a greeting card. Can't wait to put it up in my office to be daily inspired by :) You're the best!

  3. Kim, I wondered if you'd see. But did you notice it's a different watercolor forest? I have a few. May post the Texas version one of these days also.

    Brooke, you just make my day. My first greeting card sale too!