Burning Bush

I've really wanted to work with baking flour for some time now. I wanted to make sure I had a story to go with it so I was not doing it for trends sake. I woke up the other morning and had the quiet house to myself, rare indeed! I took the luxury of writing a love letter to my husband, whom I am a bit crazy about, and then pondered an image that would match my words.

While doing practice shots in my back yard I realized how distracting the greenery was. So my concept was not originally smoking trees. I was really just shooting for dark background to set off the white. Just lucky coincidence to stumble across the "burning bush"  It was unfortunate I did not have any sun to light the flour, but I'm still happy with the final images.

The first picture is one of a few accepted to my profile I just started on Vogue Photo. Absolutely love the feel of photos they have in the archives. Take a look around and press the vote button if you have favorites.

The last two shots here are behind the scenes action.  I enlisted my kiddo to throw flour for me.  Messy! Oh, and I had just ditched the clippers I had carried around forever in my photo pack.  Could have really used them to trim a few bushes (and poison oak) and have a more direct composition.  I carry so much junk in my photo bag it's hard to choose what to bring!


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