Link List - Ocean Edition

Maryanne Gobble
Maryanne GobbleMaryanne Gobble

I've known my husband long enough to have been grounded from him when we were teenagers.  What ensued was a flurry of letters and a constant supply of chocolate and flowers left in my car.  One letter was written from the large offshore rock in these photos.  "I'm writing you from your rock, how did your pictures turn out from up here..."

These days I'm still scampering around on the rocks and he still leaves me chocolate.  Not much has changed.  It's always fun to travel back home and remember the beginning.

In the theme of my ocean side adventures I'll leave you with a few links I've come across this month.

A photo series near the Barents Sea:  Weather Man

Before it becomes a motion picture I plan to read this true account of a doomed whaleship: In the Heart of the Sea  Then later this year watch the movie.

Whales in greyscale watercolor: Silent Reverie 

A new addition to my bucket list is to learn sea foraging after reading Pacific Harvest.

Maybe while exploring a petrified Ghost Forest in the shore waters.


White Stag

I've been obsessed with the concept of the mythical 'white redwood' for several years now. It's become my white stag. This month I learned there are albino redwoods further south, and this particular morning I found a baby redwood made white by the morning sun. 

 "Hunters of old pursued the miraculous stag, not because they expected to kill it, but because it led them in the joy of the chase to new and fresh adventures, and so to capture happiness." - Baden-Powell

Here's to new adventures.

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I've Been Here Before

Do you remember this forest my love? Those were heavy days of which we had no part in the making. I marvel at our younger selves. Kids, finding light, in the darkest of places

maryanne gobble photography

Self Portrait with a Redwood, January 2015

My mother's first memory is the touch of the sun and the scent of the trees in the heart of the Redwood Empire. At times I am very much my mother's daughter.

maryanne gobble photography