Link List - October 2016

pumpkin photography black and white

With October wrapping up, I wanted to share a few tidbits from my month. I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween weekend!

These soups:
Tumeric Broth Detox Soup - Try the Middle Eastern Minestrone version!
Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup

This book:
The Night Circus

This interview (thanks Deb!)
Seth Godin: The Truth About Your Calling

This signed music tribute:
Andy Minero - Hear My Heart 

Film I'd like to see:
Tiny: The Life of Erin Blackwell

My new camera gear (you'll be hearing about this!):
Fuji X-T2 Body
Fuji 16-55 Weather Resistant Lens

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Skin to Skin

I have a lot of skin to earth imagery in my portfolio.  This is for many reasons, none of them being sensational.  Do you know how it feels to be wrapped in the earth?  To have all your sensations pricked alive.  Or what it feels like to wake to the present and then drop through the ages into timelessness. The hush of all things.

I liken it to infant/mother skin to skin contact.  Familiarity.  Finding my way home.

Warm wind was rushing through the canyon, the water roaring at my feet, and spray gently kissing my back.  I forgot about the discomfort of the rocks.  I forgot about watching the trail for hikers.  I hardly remembered I was taking a picture at all. 

As it should be.

"Is this what is always feels like for you?" I asked my husband.  "When I take your picture?  Is it like all time stops?"


nude on river shore fine art photography

nude and nature with rocks and water photography

fine art photography nude rapids

fine art photo nude water
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October Snapshots

October is starting with some nice changes.  I upgraded my camera gear and am squeezing in some pictures of my family here and there.  Lots of buttons to learn.   I anticipate I'll be documenting the fam more this Winter.  It's a nice change from project based shooting and I plan on giving myself room to wander with that.

It seems there is never enough time so I'm grabbing on to five minutes here and five minutes there...  That includes this quick blog update.  5 minutes to post?  Yup, I can do that!

maryanne gobble photography
Pumpkin Patch October 2016
maryanne gobble photography
September 2016
maryanne gobble photography
Basketball October 2016
maryanne gobble photography
Comb Over October 2016