January 2018 Link List

St Mary's Glacier,Co - January 2018

Inspiration wherever I've found it this month:

Vegan Instant Pot recipes:
Vegetable Soup
Mushroom Vodka Stroganoff
Dynamite Cold Tonic

Binge worthy Netflix:
Dark (In the US it's dubbed over in English)
Halt and Catch Fire (lame trailer but great character development)

On poverty:
There's a Third-world America
States of Vulnerability 

The best darn music video and how they made it:
Justin Timberlake, Say Something

And it's too bad I need a graphics card this year:
Why the Bitcoin Revolution is Emptying Store Shelves

PNW Film Stills

Our search for home took us to the PNW earlier this month.  I estimated a 40% chance I would fall back in love with the place, my husband estimated 70%.  We left 99% sure we're moving back this summer.

I didn't film much since we were in the car most the time, but I did get a waterfall hike in and my family patiently waited in the car while I sat under a pier along the Columbia River for a few minutes.

There is a long list of things we want in a place.  In the end, it's always about the land. 

Columbia River
Columbia River in Stevenson, WA

Mt Hood National Forest
Mt Hood National Forest

Silver Falls State Park Oregon
Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls State Park Oregon
North Falls - Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls State Park Oregon
Behind North Falls

Silver Falls State Park Oregon
North Falls


Winter Stills

maryanne gobble
maryanne gobble
maryanne gobblemaryanne gobble
maryanne gobble

Well, I made good on my promise to start learning video in 2018.   Here are some stills from a frozen morning at the river.  It's slow going for me - perhaps why I've put off learning it for so long - but I'm enjoying it.