September 15, 2017

religious iconography in photography
September 2017 - Colorado

Hail Mary
Bitter Grace
Blessed are thou among women

*The traditional name meaning of Maryanne is bitter-grace


June Link List 2017

June is off to a running start!  The day after the kids got out of school we hopped on a plane for a whirlwind Oregon trip.  Now I'm back feeling hungover from altitude adjustment in the mile high city.  Need. More. Oxygen.

Enough of that.  Here are my best June links. Short and sweet this month, we should all be outside anyways. 

This Instagram feed by ThriveMags

These portraits by Jonah Meyers

Making a repeat pattern is the newest thing I want to learn.

The Keepers is one of the most compelling documentaries I've watched.


April 2017 Link List

photography black and white
April 2017 - Colorado

I'm sitting at my desk watching an online workshop this morning and thought I would squeeze in a link list!

This Article: How Women Undermine Themselves With Words she wrote more on the subject in Playing Big

This Illustrator: Libby Vander Ploeg 

I'm Eyeing This Book: Of Cats and Men

This Online Book: (beats paying $500 for a physical copy) Songs of a Pagan, by Anne Brigman

What I'm Eating This Very Second: Glowing Spiced Lentil Soup (over rice)