Brookings Oregon Summer 2014

The pile of photos from my last trip to Oregon stretches a mile, so I've put my favorites together in an e-flipbook.  This set is more of a story than individual photos anyways.  The story of home and the sea water that pumps through my veins.  Of mystical shores, seals and stones and sticks and bones.  And how grey is my favorite color.


Link List June 2014

Maryanne Gobble Photography

June is off to a bang! I should be taking off on our next trip shortly.  As in, my bags are packed and I'm just waiting for a flight to open up, squeal!  I'll give my compulsive ticket checking a break and leave you all with some of my favorite links this month.  Feel free to leave your favorite everythings linked in the comment section.

Favorite time lapse;  Adrift by Simon Christen

Favorite photo advice: 35 Magnum Photographers Give Their Advice

And especially if you are just getting started:  What I (Hannah) Would Say

Favorite photo series:  This is Boy by Tytia Habig

Favorite Books this month The Element and Learning to Walk in the Dark

Favorite packable salads:  Cilantro Salad, Curried Chickpea, and Korean Style Cucumber and Edamame 


And it's Summer!

I'm determined to fly by the seat of my pants this summer which is totally out of character for me.  After a last minute trip to Portland, Oregon a couple weeks ago I've now recovered and am prepping for trip #2 of the summer.  Here are a few pieces of our adventures so far.

Flying standby is the best worst thing that's ever happened to me.  It's the worst with every missed, delayed, and overbooked flight, then like winning the lottery when I actually board the plane.  I almost got stuck in Chicago my last trip and had a complete stranger cheering with me by the time I boarded.  Oh my heart, such a roller coaster!

maryanne gobble photography
maryanne gobble photography
maryanne gobble photography